I started working as an apprentice trainer in 1984.  I have been a Collie Breeder since 1984 as well. Through the years I have bred, trained and trialed some of the top Conformation Champion, Herding, Obedience and Agility Collies in the Country-some of the most titled dogs in our breed.  We have bred, as of June of 2022, 92 Homebred Champions and I have titled Collies to UDX2’s, AX, AXJ, Herding Champion (a Dual Champion, Conformation and Herding Champion) and Rally Advanced Excellent and have homebred OTCH and Tracking Champion dogs with happy owners across the country.  I am the past owner/head trainer from Canine Solutions Dog Training Center. In all areas of instruction our training center mission was to ALWAYS focus on positive training techniques and for all instructors to stay up to date on the very best training methods.  I reinforce with food and toy/play training in obedience and teach proper correction for bad behavior while rewarding what we want to see.  

Although I have instructed students in every venue I trial in, I consider Obedience to be my specialty and I have helped countless students to not only make their dogs their best companions EVER, I have helped many to achieve titles from Novice Obedience to Obedience Trial Champions. One of my greatest joys as a trainer is to help the Beginner students who are struggling with their dog’s poor behavior to train their dogs to be fabulous pals and wonderful companions in their homes and their lives.  I love to see the relationship build from one of helplessness and losing hope to one of joy, bonding and true companionship between people and their dogs.

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