Obedience Training

Under The Sun Obedience Group Training consists of 3 levels- Puppy, Beginner and Intermediate/Advanced

During the FREE Consultation our trainers will help determine what level fits you and your dog. 

Private and Group Training Sessions are available at all levels. 

You and your pup can start at any level!

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Puppy Group Class

 (12 weeks to 6 months)
1 session/week for 6 weeks

Puppy education and techniques include:

  • Socializing with both puppies and other people
  • Exposure to a variety of different textures and items
  • Desensitizing and Confidence Building
  • Introduction to all the basic obedience commands
  • Information and early signs to watch for and how to stop behavioral issues like resource guarding, leash reactivity, chewing and digging, excessive whining, and barking.
  • Potty training tips
  • Assistance with any puppy specific issues

Our puppy classes all follow the AKC Puppy Star Criteria and each participant can qualify to receive an AKC certificate and Puppy Star packet.  

Obedience commands are introduced at the Puppy level and include:

  • Heel and With me
  • Sit 
  • Stay
  • Look or watch me
  • Down
  • Come
  • Place
  • Threshold 
  • Out or drop it

6 weeks/1 session per week- $300

Basic Obedience Class

 (6 months and older)
1 session/week for 6 weeks

Focuses on teaching all the basic commands as well as educating on a variety of common behavior issues. 
If you are NOT enjoying walks with your dog… THIS IS THE CLASS FOR YOU!

Obedience commands: 

  • Heel and how to handle dogs that pull or lag behind on walks
  • Sit including Automatic sits
  • Stay work on duration as well as distractions
  • Down 
  • Come including long line recall with a variety of distractions
  • Settle and Place
  • Threshold work to stop dogs from bolting outdoors

Behavior issues addressed:

  • Jumping    
  • Digging    
  • Nuisance barking
  • Chewing
  • Off
  • Any other behavioral problems experienced

6 weeks/1 session per week- $300

CGC Prep/Intermediate
Obedience Class

(6 months and older)
1 session/week for 6 weeks

Works towards your CGC (Canine Good Citizen) in addition to reviewing and building upon all the basic commands.

  • Perfecting the Heel- various heeling exercises will be introduced to teach your dog how to move better with you as well as teach you how to be a better obedience handler for your dog. 
  • Stand/Stay or  Stand for exam- Vet visits become so much easier with this command. 
  • Sit from a distance
  • Down from a distance
  • Stay while the owner leaves the room for up to 3 minutes
  • Recall, recalling from food/overcoming issues with recall
  • Off-leash exercises 
  • The proper way to greet other people with dogs 
  • Address any behavior problems

6 weeks/1 session per week- $300

Prerequisite: Basic Obedience, attended 5 or more private training sessions, or participated in a 2 week In Board Training program.

Reactive Dog Class

7 weeks/ 1 session per week
1st Session is orientation only, no dogs.

Does your dog bark, growl and lunge at other dogs on walks? Pull or chase bikes or runners? If your dog is struggling with aggression and/or reactivity, this is the class for you.

In this class we will work on behavior adjustment training, learn to manage your dog’s stress, and in turn strengthen the trust and relationship with your dog so you can walk with confidence and enjoy the time with your dog!

7 weeks/1 session per week- $500

Day Train-Obedience

Add on a Basic Obedience Training 30 minute Session to a day at our Doggie Daycare! Trainers will work with your pup during a day at daycare.

This includes 30 minutes with trainer/dog and option to add 30 minute training transfer session with dog, trainer, and you.