Competitive/Specialty Training

Our training team has created a dynamic dog training program that is fun for dogs and the whole family! We have everything you need “Under the Sun”!

Basic Obedience Class is recommended for all Competitive/Specialty Training classes. 

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Training Sampler
(Agility, Rally, and Nose Work)

At Under the Sun Dog Training we offer a variety of specialty classes. Have you ever wondered which one you and your pup would enjoy the most? Here is your chance!

We are offering a special Training Sampler class, this class will introduce you to Agility, Rally, and Nose Work!
This is the perfect time to try each of these classes and find out which one is the perfect fit and to show off their true Paw-tential! 

6 weeks/1 session per week- $300
-Schedule varies


Rally-O is a highly motivational obedience class which is enjoyed by both you and your dog! Hand and voice commands as well as body language are all encouraged in this fun sport. Rally-O is a sport in which you and your dog complete a course of designated stations (10-20 depending on the level).  Each station has a sign with a diagram and text describing what is to be performed.  

Intro and Drop-In Classes Available!
Intro: 6 weeks/1 session per week- $300
– Schedule varies

Nose Work

Nose Work is a sport that mimics the task of working detection dogs to locate a scent and communicate to you that the scent has been found.  Your dog is the star of the show!  Utilizing the scents from AKC, UKC, NACSW (National Association of Canine Scent Work) and USCSS (United States Canine Scent Sports), learn how to read your dog as they “find it”!

Intro, Nose Work 2, and Drop-In Classes Available!
Intro/Nose Work 2: 6 weeks/1 session per week- $300
– Schedule varies

Conformation (Show)

Every breed has a standard of how they should look, move, and even act.  Here at Under the Sun we want to help you not only learn about your breed standard, but also the rules and procedures of an AKC dog show. Most importantly how to present your dog to the best of your ability.  We will teach you to be a great frame for your beautiful picture of the dog!

We will introduce and teach you the following: how to stack, free stack, and gait your dog in addition to the fundamentals and techniques of coat care to give you the best chance to achieve your goals.

Intro and Drop-In Classes Available!
Intro: 6 weeks/1 session per week- $300
– Schedule varies

Reactive Dog

7 weeks/ 1 session per week
1st Session is orientation only, no dogs.

Does your dog bark, growl and lunge at other dogs
on walks? Pull or chase bikes or runners? If your dog is struggling with
aggression and/or reactivity, this is the class for you.

In this class we will work on behavior adjustment training, learn to manage
your dog’s stress, and in turn strengthen the trust and relationship with your
dog so you can walk with confidence and enjoy the time with your dog!

7 weeks/1 session per week- $500


Is your dog happy, gets along well with other dogs, energetic, enjoys running and responds well to direction? Agility may be you and your dogs new interest!

Agility is one of the fastest growing dog training sports in the country which consists of a handler directing a dog through an obstacle course in a race for both time and accuracy.

Agility Foundations focuses on introducing obstacles and teaching key behaviors your dog will need to navigate an agility course!

You will learn all about agility obstacles, how to handle your dog on equipment and the basics for guiding your dog around an agility course.

Agility Foundations Level 1-3
Prerequisites: Basic Obedience
3 weeks/2 sessions per week- $300
– Schedule varies


If you and your dog are looking for the chance to help others and be available to visit with others, this is the class for you.

This six week course prepares the student and their dog for the Pet Partners examination for the purpose of visitations to hospitals, nursing homes and facilities or any place where therapy dogs are needed.   

At the end of the six week course, an evaluation will be arranged with a Pet Partner Evaluator at another location. 

6 weeks/1 session per week- $300
– Schedule varies

Outdoor Dog

Do you love the Colorado outdoors? Do you love to fish, hike, camp, and explore? There is no better way to enjoy all that Colorado has to offer than with your dog at your side.

Under the Sun Outdoor Dog Classes offer a variety of training techniques for you and your dog to use while exploring and enjoying outdoor activities. This class advances obedience training and focuses on off-leash, recall, and distance and perimeter training. Get ready to enjoy the outdoors with your best friend!

Intro: 6 weeks/1 session per week- $300

Coming Soon!

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