Agility Training

In the sport of dog agility, you and your dog work together to navigate an obstacle course as quickly and accurately as possible. On an agility course there are a variety of 14 to 20 obstacles. Your dog must leap over jumps, crawl through tunnels and tip the seesaw as fast as they can. It’s up to you, the handler, to be sure your dog knows which obstacle is next!

Learning the obstacles and running on the agility course with you can provide physical fitness and mental exercise for your dog. Not only can agility benefit your dog’s health and wellbeing, continuing to train new skills and play with your dog through agility can improve your relationship with your dog.

Click HERE to schedule your Free Agility Assessment TODAY! Not required for Agile Puppy or Fundamentals 1. Please see info below.
Please bring collapsible crate to all classes. 

Private Sessions

Under the Sun offers one hour Private Agility Training Sessions in our agility arena. Private lessons are customized to your dog and your agility goals.

1 hour: $125/ 30 minute: $75

Agile Puppy

(3 months to 10 months)

Focuses on developing puppies 3 months to 10 months of age for the sport of dog agility. Your puppy will work through progressive training drills that are age appropriate – this means protecting your growing pup’s joints, bones, and muscles as they learn to enjoy the sport.  

Your puppy will:
-learn obedience basics with the goal of agility in mind,
-learn handling cues and simple crosses,
-and explore obstacles, like the tunnel! 

Your puppy will have a great head-start as they prepare for training as an agility star! 
No Agility Assessment required.

6 weeks/1 session per week- $300

Agility Fundamentals I and II

(10 months and older)
Prerequisite: Free Agility Assessment

Our agility foundation program includes two in-depth 6-week sessions to introduce all the agility obstacles and teach critical skills you and your dog will need to navigate an agility course!

Fundamentals I (F-I) consists of introduction to agility obstacles, basic handler skills and general agility concepts.

Fundamentals II (F-II) continues obstacle training, including building confidence on contact obstacles at increasing height, weave pole performance, comfort with handler cues and connecting obstacles on abbreviated courses

To complete the program and move up to Beginners, you and your dog will complete two 6-week sessions of this class.

Free Agility Assessment not required for Fundamentals if dog has Basic Obedience with Reliable Recall with buckle collar. 
If not sure, please sign up for Free Agility Assessment.

6 weeks/1 session per week- $300

Beginners (pre-Novice) Agility

(12 months and older)

The Beginners Agility class is for dogs that are familiar with all the obstacles and working on sequencing. This means you’re training your dog to take multiple obstacles in a row; for example: jump, tunnel, teeter, jump!

Agility Technique Learned
Front Cross, Rear Cross, Blind Cross, and Reading Course Maps

6 weeks/1 session per week- $280

Novice Agility

(12 months and older)

The Novice Agility class is for dogs that know all the obstacles and are training on short courses, courses that include ten or more obstacles. During this class you and your dog will run on challenges equivalent to the Novice level of AKC Agility.

Agility Technique Learned
Course Walking, Crossing Contacts and Weaves, and Distance Basics

6 weeks/1 session per week- $260

Advanced Agility

(15 months and older)

The Advanced Agility class is for dogs that are confidently weaving 12 poles and can run full courses, courses that include fifteen obstacles or more. During this class you and your dog will run on challenges equivalent to the Open level of AKC Agility

Agility Technique Learned
Decision Making, Identifying Challenges, Discriminations, and Lead Outs

6 weeks/1 session per week- $240

Masters Agility

(15 months and older)

The Masters Agility class is for dogs that are competing at the Masters level in AKC Agility or the equivalent with another organization. During this class you and your dog will be challenged with sequences and courses seen at local levels and national events.

Agility Technique Learned
Individualized feedback given based on each team’s needs and goals

6 weeks/1 session per week- $220

Agility Open Gyms – Juniors/Novice & Masters Levels

(12 months and older)

Open Enrollment

The Agility Open Gyms are offered once per week to agility handlers that want to practice on competition grade equipment and train in a group environment. Each week there will be a new course set with a variety of obstacles, including the contact equipment, weaves, tunnels and specialty jumps (tire, broad jump, double, etc.). Each dog and handler will have a minimum of two 90 second turns to run the course and train.

To be eligible for Agility Open Gym dog’s must have a competition title in agility OR be enrolled in Agility Class at UTS or with another agility trainer.

1 Hour: $20

Drop In

Drop In classes vary depending on the need. Check our class schedule for more info. These can vary from start lines, weaves, rear crosses, teeter training, etc. Students can expect to work through 3 to 4 training drills to reinforce obstacle performance and develop handling skills depending on level.

Drop In: $20

Day Train – Agility

Add on a 30 minute Agility Training Session to a day at our Doggie Daycare! Our agility trainer will work with your pup to learn agility obstacles for additional exercise and a fun, mental challenge. This includes 30 minutes with the trainer/dog, and the option to add a 30 minute training transfer session with your dog, the trainer and you.

$45.00 per lesson