Hi, I’m Amber! Since before I could walk, I’ve had these beautiful four-legged creatures in my life, I simply could not imagine a world without them. My first dog Dice, a Dalmatian. She was the reason I spent every day of my childhood outside and loved every second of it. Now I explore Colorado with my GSD Olympia!

My professional experience with dogs all started at a veterinarian office, I witnessed many dogs that faced challenges and owners that were unaware of how to actually help them. From there I worked at a few different doggie day cares and yet again I would see the same kind of dogs and their owners that needed help. At that point I decided I needed to learn how I could truly be a part of the solution. I threw myself into books, videos, podcasts. I wanted to absorb all the knowledge I could find. However, it wasn’t until I actually started training and working with these pups that I began to truly learn how to help.

A door to a new world opened, a world where dogs were understood by their humans and humans understood their dogs. Now I’ve been training dogs professionally for about 3 years, and it has given me a greater purpose that I had only ever dreamed of. It’s an honor to care for, play with, and love all your fur babies.